Transporte de mascotas en avión


Because your pet also deserves to travel comfortably...

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More than
Pet movers

Family travel moves us! in Interfamily we are experts in transporting your pets abroad, no matter if you go to Australia, the United States, Mozambique or anywhere.

Mascotas en avión


We accompany you at all times

Entregamos asesoría en transporte de mascotas

We provide advice

About the process, the documents and sanitary requirements, the best air routes and specific information for each destination.

Hacemos el papeleo y documentos sanitarios de aduanas

We do the paperwork

We take care of obtaining all the sanitary documentation of export and customs processes.

Organizamos el viaje de tu mascota

We organize the trip

We go for your pet to prepare its cage, we perform his check in and we follow up on his new home. We have a canine / feline hotel.

The trip


First meeting

We are interested in getting to know you and your pet, so we will understand all your needs to advise you in the process.


Delivery of cages

We look for the right cage and guide you to adapt your pet.


Constant advice

We answer all your questions and obtain the documentation required by the health and customs authorities, in the country of origin and destination.


We organize the trip

on the airline and most convenient route for your pet.


We receive it at the destination

Our specialist agents or quarantine (if required) will receive your pet to carry out the nationalization in the new country and take it to his new home so that they can begin to live the beautiful adventure of being elsewhere.


Ah! And for when you want to return, don't worry, we can organize the return from any country.


"In any case, I recommend it ... it would highlight the seriousness of the service"
"They have a genuine concern for the pet's well-being before, during and after the trip, and that gave me confidence."
"Interfamily Pet Movers Chile is a first-rate company that provides the best service for the transfer of pets. We only have words of thanks for the people who made our dream, which seemed impossible"

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